Music and Arts

General music classes

General Music will cover a wide variety of subjects surrounding music.  We will learn the basics of reading music. We will cover time, rhythm, and the effects they have on music.  Explore the history of modern music and how we can appreciate music we may not like.  Look back on the instruments of the bible and see what it may have sounded like to praise God in the bible. Taking a look at what it takes to record music and learn how to do it ourselves.  We will also dig into the science of sound effects for movies and all the interesting ways sounds are made.  Throughout the school year we will work on learning songs and the kids will get a chance to explore different instruments to accompany the music we learn.

Music 3


Jr High Choir includes all students in fifth through eighth grades. We use our time each week to focus on learning new songs, work on rhythm development, and prepare for singing in Friday chapel or Sunday worship. This choir also participates in the St. John’s School Christmas Program and the NYA Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Banquet. 


During this course, students will be introduced to the art of drama in order to develop an appreciation of performing arts and an understanding of how various dramatic techniques may be used to heighten one’s public speaking, creativity, and self-realization. Drama offers participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence, and collaboration


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