Joyful and Generous

Pastor Josh Bernau

Why We Give

God gives.  It’s in his nature.  He gives life.  He gives “daily bread.”  He gives beauty.  He gives wisdom.  He his own Son, and in that, he gives forgiveness and eternal salvation.  He gives the Spirit.  All that we need, he gives.  His heart overflows with joyful generosity.  And as children of God, we are invited to share that same approach.  Our hearts are joyfully set free by the gospel of Jesus to give back, whether in our time, our money or our resources.  With that understanding, we invite you to come alongside of us in supporting the work and ministry of St. John’s.  As the Lord leads, we invite you to make either a one-time gift or an ongoing offering to the ministry that God is doing amongst us. 

Josh Bernau

Executive Pastor