Nurturing Faith and Excellence

Unlocking Your Child's Full Potential

Our mission goes beyond academic excellence – we believe in helping your child reach their full potential, not only intellectually but also spiritually. St. John's is dedicated to creating an environment where students can make sense of life through their faith in Jesus Christ.

When it comes to your child’s well-being, we prioritize safety and create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters growth and development. Our experienced faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that every child feels supported, valued, and cherished. We believe that a secure and caring environment is the foundation for educational success.

At St. John’s, we recognize the importance of integrating faith into education. We strive to instill Christian values, character development, and a strong moral compass in each student. Through a Christ-centered approach, we help your child understand the significance of their faith and how it applies to their daily lives. Our goal is to empower them to navigate the complexities of the world while staying rooted in their beliefs.

Every child has unique talents and abilities waiting to be discovered. Our dedicated teachers and comprehensive curriculum are designed to unlock their full potential. We provide a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academic achievement but also encourages critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth. By nurturing their strengths and addressing their individual needs, we prepare our students for a lifetime of success.

At St. John’s, we believe in the power of community. We foster strong relationships among students, parents, teachers, and staff, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the classroom. Our collaborative approach encourages open communication, involvement, and a shared commitment to the success and well-being of every child.

Centered on Christ

Family Atmosphere

St. John’s has a warm, family atmosphere.  This is seen in many different ways, including chapel families, reading buddies, and STEM activities, involving students from PreK to 8th grade.  Older students are often seen hanging out and helping in the preschool, and parents are always welcome to come and join in conversation and fellowship.  Families can also participate in many fun activities such as family dances, the Harvest Party, movie nights, and roller skating. 


Chapel is an uplifting gathering of all St. John’s students for a weekly time of worship and praise. This includes a mix of traditional and contemporary, clap your hands, move your feet music.  Mixed grade families, created from PreKindergarten through Grade 8 students, attend worship together.  Students have an opportunity to participate as chapel leaders or engage in staff lead worship.

Field Trips

Field trips occur throughout the year to various destinations and are arranged to enhance student learning.  Recent visits have been to the MN State Capitol, the local library, geocaching and snowshoeing at Baylor Park, the MN Zoo, The Landing, Deglers Farm, maple syrup tapping at Baylor Park, Mill City Museum and many more.