A letter from our staff

We are honored that you are exploring St. John’s Lutheran School as a potential school for your child and family. The decision about how to best support your child’s education is one of the most important a parent can make. We hope learning more about us helps you decide whether our school is the right fit for you.

We highly value our school community and care about supporting the foundation of your child’s education. We share responsibility for each and every child. We believe that everyone plays a role in safeguarding and supporting the development of all children in our school. We are committed learners who believe that everyone has something to learn and to give as a loved and precious child of God. We strive to treat each other with compassion and respect as Christ does to us, while also creating an environment where your child can feel safe and accepted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our school or our mission to try and make sense of the world we live in.

St. John’s – it just makes sense.

Teachers + Staff at St. John’s Lutheran School, NYA.

St. John's staff are very positive and work well with my child and I love the way that the atmosphere is and the way that the children and Teachers are so polite to each other and how they teach the kids to be polite and treat everyone with Respect.


Meet the teachers

Keith Traska


Kiah Switch

Early Childhood Teacher and Director

Becky Bernau


Helen Schrupp

Preschool/Pre-K Aide

Renee Bartels

1st Grade

Lori Schroeder

3rd/4th Grade

James Switch

6-8th grade, Math and Science

Emilee Gustin

2nd Grade and Art

Jeff Angell

5th homeroom and MS ELA/SS

Additional Staff

Pastor Josh Bernau

Eighth Grade Confirmation

Pastor Josh Hoffman

7th grade Confirmation Teacher

Katie Litzau

Director of Youth and Music Ministries

Sharon Jacobson

Administrative Assistant

Leah Bernau

Director of Library Services

Cherie Smith


Terri Bentz

Lutheran Special Education Ministry
Cindy Bosma
PM Extended Day Supervisor